Results 9th November 2003


Birmingham County Football Association Sunday Minor Cup Round 2: Atherstone Youth 1 Nuneaton Griff 2 (Iain Green, Adam Hartshorn), Chapelfields Colts 0 Central Ajax 4, Chetwynd 1 ( Vernon Johnson) Hurley Kings 0, North Warwickshire College 5 Dunlop Juniors 1


Under 9 Red: Coventry Jaguar Colts remain unbeaten after a 3-1 win against Hawkes Mill Juniors. Connoll Farrell set up the first goal for Callum Maguire before Josh Bates levelled for Hawkes Mill after they had missed out twice on other occasions. Fraser McGuinness in the Jaguar goal then prevented Hawkes Mill from going in front. The Jaguar retook the lead when Farrell put Josh Brassington in to score. Early in the second half, Callum Maguire combined with Liam Blacker for Brassington to seal the win with his second goal.

AT7 Youth 2 (Reece Tonner, Jack Cunningham) Wyken FC 3 (Callum Mason, Dale Wigmore 2), Christ the King 4 (Sean Molloy 2, Mason Kerr, Owen McBride) Whitley Juniors 0, Coventry Jaguar Youth 2 (Callum Maguire, Josh Brassington 2) Hawkes Mill Juniors 1 (Josh Bates), Ernesford Dynamos 0 Mount Nod Highway 0

Under 9 Blue: Two stunning goals apiece for Cameron Young and Daniel read secured London Road Lions first win of the season against a resolute AT7 Youth. Kyle Brewer in the Lions goal was beaten only the once by Louis Spencer as AT7 fought hard to get back into the game. Tyler Haddon’s second hat trick in as many games was the difference in the club derby as Dunlop Dynamos beat their colleagues Dunlop Jets 3-0. Goals from Sam Brown (2), Dominic Walsh (2), Lewis Chester, Drew Moloney and Ryan Moir helped Dunlop Juniors to a 7-2 defeat of Christ the King. Moloney and Moir were outstanding as Dunlop forced the Kings onto the backfoot.

AT7 Youth 1 (Louis Spencer) London Road Lions 4 (Cameron Young 2, Daniel Read 2), Chapelfields Colts 7 (Tommy Emberson 2, Tom Curzon, Curtis Cutts, Matty Seddon 2, Lewis Normoyle) Coventry Jaguar Youth 0, Coventry Aquatics 0 Finham Park Rangers 6 (David Clements 2, Aaron Cassidy 2, Victoria Lawless, Mathew Hollinrake), Dunlop Dynamos 3 (Tyler Haddon 3) Dunlop Jets 0, Dunlop Juniors 7 (Dominic Walsh 2, Sam Browne 2, Drew Moloney, Lewis Chester, Ryan Moir) Christ the King 2 (Peter Marriott, own goal), Ernesford Dynamos 0 Binley Woods 4 (Curtis May-Russell, Jake Brown 3), Whitley Juniors 1 (Sean Williams) Brinklow Juniors 0


Under 10 Red: A battling display by Finham Park Rangers helped them to grab all three points with a 1-0 defeat of Kenilworth Wardens. The only goal of the game came when Matthew Corrigan headed in a corner kick from twin brother James. Sterling defence by Harry Reece, Cieran McGrory and Gareth Price kept a clean sheet for Finham. Superb goalkeeping by the Whitley net minder restricted Chapelfields to a 4-0 win despite them enjoying the best of the play.

AT7 Youth 3 (Jordan Willis, Kieran Bentley, Dan Willson) Coundon Cockerels 1 (James Pontin), Chapelfields Colts 4 (Joe Henderson, Raff Williams, Tom O’Callaghan 2) Whitley Juniors 0, Ernesford Dynamos 1 (Daniel Withers) London Road Lions 1 (Alex Lacey), Finham Park Rangers 1 (Matthew Corrigan) Kenilworth Wardens 0

Under 10 Blue: Mount Nod Highway and Coventry Jaguar Youth shared the points in a 2-2 draw. The Highway twice led through two goals from Charlie Cook, the first after a good passing movement and the second a drive from twenty yards. Each time the Jaguar came back as first Jack Simpson headed in and then Reece Simpson slid in the second past an impressive Mount Nod goalkeeper. Binley Woods were being held 2-2 by Coundon Cockerels with only ten minutes left to play before digging deep to pull off a 4-2 win. Nicolas Wilding (3) and Jordan McBride scored the goals ably supported by Louis Foguet and Tom Tayton in midfield with Rebecca Todd and Stuart Tones firm in defence whilst Matthew Williams and Thomas Jackson replied for the Cockerels. Morris Rangers took a deserved lead by Nick Morley against Christ the King but were pegged back as the Kings pressurised to score twice through Charlie Owen and Daniel Gummery. A good competitive game saw Caludon Youth gradually ease to a 5-2 defeat of AT7 Youth. The Youth were never out of the game as goalie Kyle Bhara won the man of the match award despite Shaun Russell scoring three times for Caludon.

AT7 Youth 2 (Alex Foster, Daniel Keogh) Caludon Youth 5 (Luke Hill, Shaun Russell 3, Ryan Leybourne), Binley Woods 4 (Nick Wilding 3, Jordan McBride) Coundon Cockerels 2 (Matthew Williams, Thomas Jackson), Brinklow Juniors 2 (Lee Huddlestone, Matthew Pine) Balsall & Berkswell 1 (Martin Green), Coventry Jaguar Youth 2 (Jack Simpson, Reece Simpson) Mount Nod Highway 2 (Charlie Cook 2), Coventry Sphinx Juniors 3 (Joshua Kane, Jacob Clark, Ross McKran) Chapelfields Colts 0, Dunlop Juniors 2 (Adam Nally, Thomas Parker) Athletic United 4, Morris Rangers 1 (Nicky Morley) Christ the King 2 (Charlie Owen, Daniel Gummery)

Under 10 Green: Pro Santos battled hard to defeat Finham Park Colts 2-0 thanks to two first half strikes by Ryan Murray. In the second half, Finham came back strongly with Andrew Poole prominent but George Swaffield in goal, Alex Thompson and Robert Taylor were solid in defence. Wyken Colts started well against Finham Park Rangers with Josh Bolton running the ball up field to lay on an opening goal for Dias Agiolitis. Louis Bolton then added a second before Jake Whittaker and Josh Bolton rounded off a great team performance. The Boat made it ten games unbeaten with a 5-0 defeat of Coventry Colts. Controlling the game well, Mason Price netted three times with Kevin Nugy and Andrew Barnacle also on the scoresheet as James goggins stood firm in defence.

Athletic United 1 (Ben Leyton) Ernesford Dynamos 3 (Chris Loudon, Niall Baskerville 2), Coventry Jaguar Youth 8 (Michael Pearson 3, Matthew Kettel 2, Michael MacDonald 2, own goal) Keresley Colts 0, Dunlop Juniors 0 Brinklow Juniors 1 (Ben Stone), Leamington Hibernians 0 Mount Nod Highway 1 (Luke Purvis), Pinley NDC 2 (Brendan McKirdy, Leighton Donovan) Chapelfields Colts 2, Pro Santos 2 (Ryan Murray 2) Finham Park Colts 0, The Boat FC Juniors 5 (Mason Price 3, Andrew Barnacle, Kevin Nugy) Coventry Colts 0, Wyken Colts 4 (Jake Whittaker, Josh Bolton, Dias Agiolitis, Louis Bolton) Finham Park Rangers 2 (Roddy MacCallum, Christian Lynch)


Under 11A: Finham could only field ten players and after taking the lead against the Sphinx  were level pegging until the last ten minutes when the superior numbers told and they conceded three goals to lose 6-3, Sam Skerratt scoring three times for the Sphinx who struggled to find a way past Benedict Poole in the Finham goal. Dunlop Juniors lost their unbeaten record to Chapelfields Colts in a competitive game. Brendan Sharp put the Colts in front but with Jake Holt a constant threat, Dunlop levelled through Naran Panchal. In the second half, Sharp and Chris O’Shea added further goals to give Chapelfields a 3-1 win.

Brinklow Juniors 4 (Zach Bevins 3, Jamie Huddlestone) Binley Woods 0, Chapelfields Colts Red 3 (Brendan Sharp 2, Chris O’Shea) Dunlop Juniors 1 (Naran Panchal), Coundon Cockerels 0 Rugby Town 4 (Craig Murch, Ashley Clarke, Nic Whittam, Jordan Edginton), Finham Park Rangers 3 (Sam Garrett, Matthew Budd, Tom Rawlings) Coventry Sphinx Juniors 6 (Sam Skerratt 3, Tom Reeves, Michael Smith, Sean Martin), London Road Lions 5 (Ryan Haraburda 2, Jack Trueman, Michael Healy 2) Wyken FC 0, PSA Peugeot Citroen 5 Christ the King 2, Whitley Juniors 2 (Nathan Ley, Ryan Blackwell) AT7 Youth 1 (Ryan Anstee)

Under 11B: Terry Hewins and Adam Jones combined to set up Russ Varnam to score the first goal for an ever improving Dunlop Dynamos, but Keresley Colts soon struck back to take a 2-1 lead. Varnam equalised from eighteen yards and then Dunlop went back in front with a goal by Johnathon Gayton. Once again Keresley levelled the score with a well-worked goal before Gayton claimed the points in a 4-3 win for Dunlop with a header that took a deflection. Niall Evans (2) and Dayle McCormick scoring for Keresley.

Coventry Jaguar Youth 2 Chapelfields Colts 3, Dunlop Dynamos 4 (Russ Varnam 2, Johnathon Gayton 2) Keresley Colts 3 (Niall Evans 2, Dayle McCormick), Mount Nod Highway 2 Leamington Hibernians 6 (Sam Wareing 2, John Smith, Oliver Stuchbury 2, Harry Waugh), Pinley NDC 6 (Louis O’Connor 4, Jake Donavan, Brandon Perkins) Coventry Aquatics 6 (Jedd Featherstone, Ryan Dry, Matthew Potter, Richard Crabbe 2, Dushyant Bhagat), Rugby Town (2002) 0 Finham Lions 2


Under 12A: A single goal by Kenilworth Towns’ James Hardie after only five minutes proved to be the match winner in their enthralling end-to-end league game. With both teams giving 100%, Whitley were a shade unlucky not to have claimed a share of the points in a game that highlighted all the good points of youth football as both teams were acknowledged by both sets of enthusiastic supporters. Chapelfields Colts had fortune on their side as they recorded their first win of the season, 4-0 against Wyken FC. Jacob Blackwell opened with an individual effort added to by a Sean O’Donnell penalty. Both players then scored again as the Colts put together their best display of the season, George Priestley, Daniel Grove and Niall Buswell keeping Wyken at bay.

AT7 Youth 1 Mount Nod Highway 1, Christ the King 0 Finham Park Rangers 2 (Robert Ogleby 2), Kenilworth Town 1 (James Hardie) Whitley Juniors 0, London Road Lions 2 (Adam Freeman, Darragh Horrigan) PSA Peugeot Citroen 7 (J. Wright, Christy Lowndes, David Buckley, Sean Kay 2, Travis Lea-Beeston 3, M. Watson), Rugby Town 6 (A. Shilton 3, P. Baker, O. Chater 2) Coventry Jaguar Youth 1 (Alastair Gibson), Wyken FC 0 Chapelfields Colts 4 (Jacob Blackwell 2, Sean O’Donnell 2)

Under 12B: Dunlop hit the ground running with Daniel Butler scoring after only ten seconds against Coventry Sphinx. The Sphinx equalised and then went in front before Thomas Ball bundled in a second Dunlop goal. Ryan Williams notched a second half brace for Dunlop to wrap up a 4-2 win.

Allesley Aces 4 (John Clusker, Conor Scott 3) Rugby Town (2002) 3 (James Sweeney, Danny Grossman, Thomas Protheroe), Dunlop Juniors 4 (Thomas Ball, Daniel Butler, Ryan Williams 2) Coventry Sphinx Juniors 2 (Connor Edkins, Jamie Evans), Leamington Hibernians 0 Coundon Cockerels 8, Pinley NDC 3 (James Chalmers, Louis Evans, Geoff Walker) Brinklow Juniors 1 (Alex Wood)

Under 12C: Wyken Aces won their first game of the season with a 6-1 defeat of Morris Rangers. With man of the match Luke James and the skilful Kyle Spencer restricting Morris to just one goal from Ameet Heir, Joe Entwhistle (2), David Gallagher (3) and Kyle Dunkley scored for Wyken. An early goal by Louis Stockil set Hawkes Mill on the way to a 5-1 defeat of Potters Green. Despite all of their pressure, Hawkes Mill waited until just on half time before David Pelser added a second and Stockil a third. Troy Watt scored a fourth after Pelser had opened up the Potters defence before Daniel Fossick pulled a goal back on the break. Conor Bailey then pulled off a fine penalty save for Hawkes Mill before Luke Russell completed the scoring.

All Nations FC 9 (Meshach Belgrave 3, Wayne Hinks 3, Ravinder Sandhu 2, own goal) Pro Santos 1 (Greg Binns), Binley Woods 0 Christ the King Rovers 5 (Jamie Seingier, Jamie Jackson 3, David Howland), Hawkes Mill Juniors 5 (Louis Stockil 2, David Pelser, Luke Russell, Troy Watt) Potters Green 1 (Daniel Fossick), Longford Community FC 7 Ryona FC 0, Morris Rangers 1 (Ameet Heir) Wyken Aces 6 (Joe Entwhistle 2, Kyle Dunkley, David Gallagher 3)


Under 13A: Chapelfields Colts spent most of the game against Christ the King, belying their low league position. Enjoying just as much of the game as the visitors, Chapelfields rode their luck at times with Dale Greaves outstanding in goal but it was only in the last ten minutes that the resolve wilted and the Kings ended the game winning 5-0, Sean Gaffney scoring a hat trick. A first half penalty by Ashley Lowndes coupled with a second half JJ Johnston goal sealed a 2-0 win for PSA Peugeot Citroen over Central Ajax. Good work by Chris Saunders setting up the second goal. Stout goalkeeping by Jack Watkins for the visitors denied PSA further as Scott McHugh and Shane Cullinane bossed the midfield for Peugeot allowing Central Ajax shots from distance only that Adam Russell dealt with comfortably.

Ash Green United v2 (Adam Green, Cameron Tune) Dunlop Juniors 1 (Joe Dudley), Binley Woods 2 (Callum Ogilvie, Artur Gonzalez) St. Nicolas’ Boys 2, Chapelfields Colts 0 Christ the King 5 (Jamie Crawley, Sean Gaffney 2, Danny Spencer), Coundon Cockerels 5 (James Oglesby, Ricky Gopal, James Williams, Liam Davies, Aaron Woodhouse) Wyken FC 2 (Daniel Smith, Lee Walters), Coventry Sphinx Juniors 2 (Craig Hands, Stephen Walsgrove) Bedworth Eagles 0, Finham Park Rangers 5 (Jack Blundy 2, Matthew Hathrell, Tom Rose, Harley Francis) Bedworth United 1 (Joe Smith-Walker), PSA Peugeot Citroen 2 (JJ Johnston, Ashley Lowndes) Central Ajax 0, Rugby Town 1 (Tom Swift) London Road Lions 2 (James Collins, Darren Jackson)

Under 13B: AT7 Youth 2 (Jordan Little 2) Rugby Town (2002) 3 (Halim-Halim, Robbie Flude 2), Christ the King Rovers 1 (Darren Batchelor) Whitley Colts 2 (Travis Sumner, wade Gilder), Coventry Aquatics 13 (Carl Neale, Anthony Ostachuk 2, Daniel Harris, Dean Crossfield 2, Sebastian Guraya 5, Mark Maguire, Scott Chapman), Earlsdon FC 5 (Andy Ruane, James Hnatushka, Danny Barlow 3) Rugby Town (2003) 1 (Tom Jackson), Ernesford Dynamos 1 (Tom Partridge) Radford Rangers 5 (Raspal Bansal 2, Carl Jeffs, Lee Norman, Kadeem King), Mount Nod Highway 10 (Niall McDonald 6, Tom Hawker 2, Layeton Syme 2) Allesley Aces 0, The Boat FC Juniors 0 Coundon Colts 5 (James Bryson, Rob Cleaver, Daniel Blackwell 2, Ryan O’Sullivan)


Under 14A: North Warwickshire College started brightly against Binley Woods but it was the Woods who went in front after a corner kick. The College came back strongly to lead 2-1 at the break thanks to a powerful volley by warren Fulford and a Michael smith centre that allowed Matthew Dickie in to score. In the second half however, it was the turn of Binley woods to drive forward to take a 3-2 lead before Sam Garnham set Smith free to level things at 3-3. Michael Puffett, Chris Kane and Daniel Gair netting for the Woods.

Coundon Cockerels 2 (Sean Kettle, Sean McKeown) Mount Nod Highway 12, Finham Park Rangers 3 (Danny Brown, Sean Isherwood, Govind Kandola) Whitley Juniors 0, Firefighters 3 (Michael Bawdon 3) Coventry Sphinx Juniors 1 Peter Williams), North Warwickshire College 3 (Warren Fulford, Matthew Dickie, Michael Smith) Binley Woods 3 (Michael Puffett, Chris Kane, Daniel Gair), Norton Lindsey 2 (Tom Hicks, Adam Streeter) Wallace JFC 3 (Thomas Evans, Lee Pemberton, Gianni Dainty), PSA Peugeot Citroen 1 (Gary Mead) AT7 Youth 0

Under 14B: David Poole gave Christ the King an early lead as Coundon Court struggled to cope with his pace but with Jonathan Hooke gradually making his mark in midfield, Coundon Court slowly got the upper hand and goals from Darren Mohan, Martyn Stickley and Jon Tague gave them a 3-1 advantage. Adam Barwell pulled a goal back for the Kings before Ryan Webb made it 4-2 in favour of Coundon. Once again the excellent David Poole scored for the Kings before David Jolly marked his league debut for the hosts with a twenty-yard shot that went in off of the underside of the crossbar for a final score of 5-3 to Coundon Court. Panjab Radio bright start to the season continued with an 8-2 win at Coventry Jaguar. With Tamin Baraki running the midfield, David Ashby and Nathan Crick both score three times for Panjab with Karan Dhami and Marcus Morrison also on target for the frontrunners who opened up a six point gap after nearest rivals Ernesford Dynamos went down 2-1 at Phoenix. Leigh Upton and David Callanan netted for the Jaguar in the first half.

Coundon Court 5 (Darren Mohan, Martyn Stickley, Jon Tague, Ryan Webb, David Jolly) Christ the King 3 (David Poole 2, Adam Barwell), Coventry Jaguar Youth 2 (Leigh Upton, David Callanan) Panjab Radio Sporting 8 (David Ashby 3, Nathan Crick 3, Karan Dhami, Marcus Morrison), Phoenix FC 2 (Ryan Brightwell, James Mitchell) Ernesford Dynamos 1


Under 15A: Hawkes Mill Juniors and Nuneaton Griff were both applauded for a good sporting encounter full of good football and sportsmanship. The 6-0 win for the Griff did not reflect the Hawkes Mill involvement in an entertaining encounter and the superb display from goalkeeper, Jason Jhuti alongside defenders Daniel Farrell and Martin Mc Philimer of Hawkes Mill but it did highlight the large gap that the Griff have built between them and the rest of the league. Ernesford Dynamos were boosted as goalkeeper William Combellack pulled off a superb diving save from a penalty kick to deny Dunlop Juniors a first half goal. With this confidence booster, the Dynamos went on to take a 3-0 interval lead before finally securing their first league win of the season 5-1, Charlie Austwick scoring twice.

Binley Woods 0 Rugby Town 6 (Dan Newman 2, Sean O’Hare 2, Alistair Keay, David Kolodynski), Coventry Sphinx Juniors 3 (James Haltom, Warwick Donnelly, Shane Brassington) Christ the King 1, Ernesford Dynamos 5 (Richard McArdle, Charlie Austwick 2, Dale Vernon, Earl Allen) Dunlop Juniors 1 (James McDonald), Hawkes Mill Juniors 0 Nuneaton Griff 6 (Mike Fell, Alex Orton, Jamie Cullen, Ben Duggan, Perry Edwards, Matthew Travis), Marconi (Coventry) 1 (Jake Thompson) Coundon Cockerels 7 (Ben Malone, Kevin McMurray 3, Luke Thomas 2, Jamie Reeve), Morris Rangers 3 (Matt McNulty, Carl Jones 2) Whitley Juniors 7 (Ross Knight 3, Danny Raggett, Jonny Walder, Sean Sproul, Martin Cullinane), Mount Nod Highway 4 (Alex Ricardo 3, Scott Dowd) Coventry Colliery Colts 0

Under 15B: Chapelfields Colts 5 (Elliott Griffiths, Chris Clarke 4) Allesley Aces 1 (Shaun Dean, Pinley NDC 1 (Kevin Francis) Hawkes Mill Colts 1 (Chris Johnson)


Under 16A: Bedworth United 4 (Nick Harrison, George Rowley, Daniel Harris, Craig Smith) Christ the King 1 (Greg Smith)

Under 16B: Bedworth Eagles 1 (Ben Morris pen) Wembrook 0


Under 18 Red: Hillmorton defeated Bilton Ajax with a powerful performance that led to a 6-0 win. With Leigh Carter dominant, headers by Richard Smith and Andy Bacon (2) put Hillmorton well on top before Dan Tanner and Smith made the score 5-0 at half time. In the second half, Hillmorton remained in control but were restricted to one score when a long range shot from Adam Hartwell breached the Bilton defence.

Bilton Ajax 0 Hillmorton 6 (Andy Bacon 2, Richard Smith 2, Adam Hartwell, Daniel Tanner), Castlehurst Colts 1 (Rob Gardner) Coundon Cockerels 2 (Dan Evans 2), Christ the King 0 Silhill Youth 1 (Jerome Fleming)

Under 18 Blue: Allesley Athletic 0 Finham Park Rangers 6 (Sam Bird 3, Dan Kumar, James Waggitt, Andrew Moore), AT7 Youth 1 (Dave Kelly) Kenilworth Wardens 3 (Tim Vickers, Lawrence Newbold, Tom Dewhurst), Bedworth Athletic 3 (Liam Johnson, Lewis Halfacree 2) Coundon Court Old Boys 1 (Paul Sowerby), GNP Sports 2 (Jaz Dosanjh, Pavinder Somal) Cannon Park Colts 0, Hawkes Mill Juniors 1 (James Morgan) Sporting Athletic 3 (Kyle Griffiths, Chris Blundell, William Cromwell), Whitley Juniors 5 (Shane Dunn 3, Alex Slingsby 2) Chapelfields Colts 3 (Darren Ronneback, Mitchell Walters, Lewis Carroll)


Tamworth Invitation Trophy-Under 8: Mount Nod Highway ‘A’ 10 (Ryan Quinn 5, Levi Cox 2, Ivor Lawton 2, Cory Cook) Birch Coppice Aces 0, Mount Nod Highway ‘B’ 6 (George Roach 4, Harrison Smith 2) North Warwickshire & Hinckley College Colts 4